I got my advance review copies of The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective this past Friday. I’m really excited about getting copies out there for people to review and to blurb. You can actually read an excerpt of it over at Talking Book. If you are interested in an advance review copy to review, hit me up […]

A long overdue, yet brief, update on what’s going on.

On engagements, working a book fair, excerpts from my forthcoming illustrated poetry collection The Bones of Us, and a new installment of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective.

On The Bones of Us Kickstarter, a new Jesus Christ, Boy Detective story, and the impact of low voter turnout during midterm elections to the sanity and well being of Florida.

Note: I’m breaking the rules and posting this on a Tuesday and not tagging anyone. I think there’s been enough tagging of this thing already. 1. What’s the working title of the book Jesus Christ, Boy Detective and The Royal Flush of Fate 2. Where did the idea for the book come from? I wanted […]

When it comes to concerts, I’m an old man. I like having a seat available so when I am tired of rocking out or the band plays a song that I don’t know or don’t like, I can sit and relax. Gone are the days where I’m willing to stand in a sweaty sea of […]

Monday, I received a very nice letter from Bluestem informing me that they nominated my poem “Interior Decorating” for a Pushcart Prize. I haven’t been nominated for a lot of things (Best of the Net three times) so to see the letter (which was classy of them) was incredibly validating. Seeing it reminded me of the importance […]