I got my advance review copies of The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective this past Friday. I’m really excited about getting copies out there for people to review and to blurb. You can actually read an excerpt of it over at Talking Book. If you are interested in an advance review copy to review, hit me up […]

Some news regarding an upcoming reading, an interview, and the latest installment of my novella-in-flash.

Each year, I focus on some kind of major project. Last year, it was the Yelp reviews. 2013 was focused on making final edits to The Bones of Us and creating my e-chapbook, Porn For The Blind. I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on this year until I stumbled onto it in the first workshop I […]

This staycation has been an abject failure from a productivity perspective. I wanted to do more than what I expected but food poisoning/influenza has a way of taking that a way from you. Here’s what I managed though This is almost ready to be revealed. I’ve been working on this for months and months, perfecting […]

When it comes to getting my name out there as a writer, I’ve always taken the shotgun approach, where the theory is that the more I appear, the more I put out, the more I tour, the more people will come to me, read my work, buy my work. I’m realizing this approach isn’t working […]

Work has lately kicked my ass. However, I’ve hit the 30,000 word count mark on my Jesus Christ, Boy Detective novel and my teen paranormal romance novella (2,500 ish) this week. For me, writing fiction helps get the stress out. I have no problem coming home from a 9-11 hour day, sitting down in front of my […]

I read “Reflections” last Saturday at LOL – Life Out Loud and it was a lot of fun (except for the strep throat I got later that night. I’m better now). You can watch me read it below. I recovered just in time to read at There Will Be Madness, the first ever fiction slam […]