XENOMORPH Helen holds it in her arms. It coos, opens its hands, closes them. “Want to hold him,” she asks. I don’t correct her. I take it into my arms. I pretend to marvel over this alleged … Source: 3 STORIES by J. Bradley Here’s an excerpt of my novella-in-flash in progress. Advertisements

A Love Poem As Written By Ted Cruz Terrorism is when I wake up and discover the absence on your side of the bed. This suit is a bunker. This machine gun, a chef eager to make your favorite breakfas… Source: Three Love Letters – J. Bradley I have three new poems from my As […]

by J. Bradley The Kool-Aid Man sits on the park bench. He breaks off a piece from a slice of white bread, rolls it between his thumb and forefinger, then throws it into the pool of pigeons at his f… Source: Flurry

Monstrous immortality, reincarnation, eternal recurrence, never-ending gender, virtual sex, multiple organisms, reclusive regiments: FLAPPERHOUSE #9. coming MARCH 20, 2016 Pre-order a DIGITAL (PDF)… Source: #9 – Spring 2016 I have three of my Neil stories in this forthcoming issue. Pre-order it if you dare.

I read some erotic poetry this past Sunday. Listen to the whole show below. Source: Episode 192: Erotic Poetry Night IV

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Brick by Brick I was flattered to find a pyramid of all the dick pictures I’ve ever sent in my yard. Someone cared enough to collect them all, print them, and build it without waking me up. I don’t cringe as I get closer to the pyramid, to the best…

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? by J. BRADLEY The glasses in the children’s hands return the liquid to the pitcher. Brick by brick, the wall repairs itself. The mortar falls away from my face, body, the pitcher in my hands. The director yells “Action.” I am told by the production assistant not to tell…