I got my advance review copies of The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective this past Friday. I’m really excited about getting copies out there for people to review and to blurb. You can actually read an excerpt of it over at Talking Book. If you are interested in an advance review copy to review, hit me up […]

A long overdue, yet brief, update on what’s going on.

I’m in the process of figuring out a site redesign. I haven’t posted much because of life. Here are some recent things of mine you can read. I hope you are well. Two stories – Third Point Press Three stories – Cease, Cows Three stories – Revolution John Two poems – The Mackinac

I’ve tried staging a love poem workshop two or three times and in all of those attempts, no one showed up. The one time I facilitated an open forum on getting poetry published, I had about 10 to 12 people come and the hour wasn’t long enough to answer all the questions the attendees have. I […]

Where I talk about two Kickstarter campaigns you should support, and some recent publication news.

As of yesterday, my move back to Orlando is complete. I don’t miss Seminole County much (except for their bicycle trails). Moving out there in early 2013 was needed for personal and professional reasons and I’m glad to be back where I belong. Not much else is happening on the writing front. I’m going away […]

After going back and forth for the last couple of years about getting an MFA, I applied for a program. The application guidelines were simple: 7-10 pages of poems and a statement of intent sent via email. No application fee. No recommendation letters required. The program takes about a week to respond; I got accepted […]