A long overdue, yet brief, update on what’s going on.


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? by J. BRADLEY The glasses in the children’s hands return the liquid to the pitcher. Brick by brick, the wall repairs itself. The mortar falls away from my face, body, the pitcher in my hands. The director yells “Action.” I am told by the production assistant not to tell…

Some news regarding an upcoming reading, an interview, and the latest installment of my novella-in-flash.

Some updates on what’s going on recently in my (literary) world.

Each year, I focus on some kind of major project. Last year, it was the Yelp reviews. 2013 was focused on making final edits to The Bones of Us and creating my e-chapbook, Porn For The Blind. I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on this year until I stumbled onto it in the first workshop I […]

I’m in the process of figuring out a site redesign. I haven’t posted much because of life. Here are some recent things of mine you can read. I hope you are well. Two stories – Third Point Press Three stories – Cease, Cows Three stories – Revolution John Two poems – The Mackinac

On my latest chapbook and some upcoming reading dates.