November 17, 2012

Surviving Our Failures

I attempted to learn how to ride a moped last week with the National Safety Council with hilariously painful results. What I learned

  • Helmets save lives. I crashed pretty hard and the impact was hard enough when I landed on the asphalt where I hurt my left shoulder really badly and fractured my left collarbone but I wasn’t concussed. Had I not worn the helmet and the other wardrobe required to take the course, this could have been a lot worse.
  • Two wheeled motor vehicles aren’t for me. If I could hurt myself like this on a closed course, I can imagine what I could do to myself on the open road.
  • I either need to get over this fear of parking that I seem to have regarding cars (part of the reason why I don’t have a license), ride a bicycle a lot more, buy a house in downtown Orlando, or move to a city with good public transportation.


Orange Alert reviewed Bodies Made of Smoke here. HOUSEFIRE also reveals the back cover blurbs here.

I have a prose poem up in Thousand Shades of Gray here.

Ben Tanzer asked me to contribute something that changed my life for his residency at Necessary Fiction and I did. You can watch me read it here.


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J. Bradley's is a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominated writer whose work has appeared in numerous literary journals including decomP, Hobart, and Prairie Schooner. He was the Interviews Editor of PANK, the Flash Fiction Editor of NAP, and the Web Editor of Monkeybicycle. He is the author of the poetry collection Dodging Traffic (Ampersand Books, 2009), the novella Bodies Made of Smoke (HOUSEFIRE, 2012), and the graphic poetry collection The Bones of Us (YesYes Books, 2014), illustrated by Adam Scott Mazer. He is the curator of the Central Florida reading series There Will Be Words and lives at

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