One of my best friends is getting married in Brooklyn this weekend and I’m going (and not talk them out of it). I haven’t taken a trip for longer than a day that didn’t involve doing a reading/feature or working out of one of our offices in our many locations ever. I’ve been training my liver for this marathon of drinking it will endure from Friday night until the wedding this Sunday.

I haven’t been to a wedding or a wedding related event since my own in October 2008. I’m looking forward to this for a lot of reasons. The best part of going though isn’t the wedding itself or seeing old friends. I get to go to a Yankees game for the first time since 1991.

From ages 3 to 6, my mom and I lived in the Bronx. During that time, her then boyfriend, my eventual stepfather, took me to Yankees game. We sat in the bleachers while he got drunk and high. He let me try beer when I was 5 and didn’t have it again until I was 21. They won every time I was there. I’ve been hooked ever since.

People look at me weird when I explain that though I was born in Massachusetts, I am a Yankees fan (however, I love the Boston Celtics since the days of Larry Bird – I will always root for them) and people feel better when I tell them I’ve been a fan of the Yanks when they sucked in the 80s, not when they started winning again in the mid-90s and have been perennial playoff favorites since then. I still am a fan despite the fact they allowed the Red Sox to finally win a World Series in almost 100 years (I blame that all on A-Rod). The game is early Saturday afternoon, which will prevent me from entering into a alcohol coma or going to jail during the bachelor party the previous evening.

I got an override from UCF today to enroll in my first course for the Instructional Design for Simulations Certification program. I wasn’t expecting that one class to cost a hair short of $1,200. I don’t understand the economics of graduate school, where because it is learning beyond the four year degree, colleges can charge what would essentially be a down payment to a house or a nice used car for a semester. What justifies the mark up? Demand? The level of effort required to teach a class or several classes? I know I’ll get reimbursed for this eventually since this pertains to my job. However, I also see how people get into mountains of debt in seeking a graduate degree. At the end of this, I will invest over $6,000 in getting this certification. I hope it’s worth it.

I bought Shane Jones’ Daniel Fights A Hurricane on my Kindle earlier today. I absolutely loved his first novel, Light Boxes. I’m about 17% of the way in and it’s pretty interesting. I’m enjoying the narrative within the narrative he’s using so far. I’m a sucker for stories within stories, story A and B separated but eventually entwining.

I haven’t touched the novel in a couple of months. However, I’m almost 8,000 words into a Jesus Christ, Boy Detective story and I have a feeling it will need a few thousand more before it is finished in the first draft phase. I’m also working on a series of poems based off the non-profit site Porn For The Blind. You’ll start seeing those poems make an appearance here and there in the coming months.

I have a new poem in the latest issue of Northville Review, which you can check out here. I have three poems in the debut issue of Undertow Magazine, which you can read here for free (scroll until you see them).


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