July 22, 2012


Saw The Dark Knight Rises on Friday and wasn’t happy with it. The Dark Knight set the bar so insanely high for the end of this trilogy that anything less was going to be a failure and overall, it was a major failure. Here are things that irritated me about the movie (non-spoiler)

  • Bane’s weird accent – they could have done him without the stupid mask. Tom Hardy is much more terrifying in Bronson than he is as Bane.
  • The stadium gives away where the movie was filmed, damaging the illusion of the Gotham City setting. Look carefully and it’s obvious.
  • The turns were far too obvious. You can tell two major ones coming based on previous movies that use the same tropes and if you are aware of the Batman mythology.
  • Ra’s ah Ghul would have been a much better primary villain if they used the Lazarus Pits. Him coming back would have been a wonderful oh shit moment.

Go see the film and see what you think. I know that unlike The Dark Knight, I will not go out of my way and see it four more times.

The best discovery this weekend for me was dining at The Rusty Spoon. They make everything fresh, down to their ketchup. The words I could use to describe the experience isn’t adequate enough.

Up until 2004, I ate terribly. When I worked for a martial arts school as a writer, I got lessons for free. I would work out for an hour and then go home and make a Totino’s Party Pizza, cancelling out the health benefits of working out. At one point in my life, I was almost 190 pounds. On a 5’7″ frame, that’s really bad. When my ex-wife made her push to lose the last 40 pounds (she lost 40 before we met), I hit the treadmill/Slim Fast hard and made it down to the low 160s, which is what I maintain today. I refuse to eat most fast food and I eat more vegetarian food than I ever have in my life. I do miss the martial arts, not so much Tae Kwon Do, but that self-confident feeling you get working really hard at learning new techniques. I remember how to do certain things, like block a punch or a kick, how to throw someone down, but I’m not so much of a fan of the kick aspect of the  style. My work schedule makes it not so conducive to pick it back up and I’m not sure it ever will unless I change roles/companies.

Breaking Bad continues to be incredibly well crafted and plotted. They took the Lost flash forward concept and made it better with the parallel narrative that they are working with this season. They did something like it in Season 2 and it was cryptic. This is not as cryptic, but it does make you wonder what happened to Walt to end up where he is. I would love to have Vince Gilligan be the writer that reboots the Batman franchise as he is the master of the long game, where every detail is addressed eventually, not just one or two large details.

I’m checking this out tomorrow. If you are in Orlando or close to Orlando, you should too.


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