September 19, 2011

The Jujitsu of Hustling

Last Saturday was the Heavy Petting show. Here’s my setlist

Written on the back of a flyer from the venue as is my ritual.

Now in legible English

  1. These Are Vows (Dodging Traffic)
  2. Primer (The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot/We Will Live Like Our Ghosts Will Live)
  3. Quadriplegic (We Will Live Like Our Ghosts Will Live)
  4. North/South (A Patchwork of Rooms Furnished by Mistakes)
  5. I Will Lose Myself In Chinese Art And American Girls (A Patchwork of Rooms Furnished by Mistakes)
  6. The Monogamist Talks To History About Its Stuttering Problem (Our Hearts Are Power Ballads)
  7. Every Girl Is The End Of The World For You And Me (Our Hearts Are Power Ballads)
  8. Registrar (The Jujitsu of Macking)
  9. Rear Naked Choke (The Jujitsu of Macking)
  10. My Curse (Gentlemen)
I put together a pretty good narrative, starting with the marriage, the divorce, and then everything after that. Before starting “Quadriplegic”, half the audience left at that point (they were young). I wasn’t trying to drive them out but I guess no one wants to hear about broken relationships at that age, still believing in the whole true love/monogamy thing. That’s cool.
My fellow performers also brought it as well (Robert Walker, Thomas Patrick Levy, and Anna Claire Hodge). It was a really good show. Thank you YesYes Books for coming to Florida. I’m looking forward to start working with them on Ghosts.

From left to right: Anna Claire Hodge, me, Thomas Patrick Levy, Katherine Sullivan (YesYes Books CEO), Robert Walker

I’m reaching a level of emotional honesty that I’ve never been before about the way I am in relationships and the root of why I am who I am in relationships. The shields are on full right now and I’m not looking to be in a relationship, which if you know me is very unheard of for me to say. While editing another potential e-chap of my earlier work, it has helped me confront this, who I’ve been, where I’m going, who I am now. In order for me to truly be good for anyone, I have to truly understand myself and work through these issues.

Specter Magazine did a wonderful thing and rescued a story of mine that was supposed to be published by a magazine in their first issue but the magazine never went live without explanation. This is one of my favorites as it is 99% fiction (the 1% is the fact I see abandoned shopping carts in my neighborhood all the time). It’s also one of my longer pieces of fictions, the kind of muscle work that gave me the strength to write the novella and other projects. You can read it here and then check out the rest of the issue.

I also have two poems in Awosting Alchemy, which you can read here.

This Wednesday is a very special edition of There Will Be Words. Hope to see you there.


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