My contribution for Burrow Press’s 15 Views of Orlando came out earlier. You can read it here. If you’ve lived in Orlando for a long time, there’s a bonus reference just for you.

Tuesday’s There Will Be Words was amazing with the packed turn out and the readers. This literary happy hour is working out quite nicely. I can’t wait until July’s. I also might try to do an AWP There Will Be Words in Chicago (thanks Cook for the suggestion).

Nicolle Elizabeth was awesome enough to interview me about A Patchwork of Rooms Furnished by Mistakes, Our Hearts Are Power Ballads, and How Esmeralda Estrus Got Her Revenge for We Who Are About To Die, which will go up Monday. However, to tide you over, Ani Smith let me record a poem on the site from Patchwork, which you can listen here.

It’s just unfair how talented Ashley Inguanta is sometimes. She did the cover shoot for Esmeralda Estrus and here’s one of the photos, the one I’m leaning on using for the cover.

"My hand wants to take off one of my pumps, puncture his jugular. I would coat candy with his blood so children know the sweet taste of revenge." - Esmeralda Estrus

The idea that Ashley’s skill realized came from a woman I had a unrequited crush on in high school named Monica. She responded to my FB message about doing the cover and after reading Esmeralda, she came up with this idea.

I envision a really stylish pump, crushing candy underneath- with blood or something oozing out underneath. I envision this really as a photograph though, with very saturated colors, close up.

I hope my publisher likes this a lot. Thank you Ashley and Monica for coming up with something so awesome.


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