I got this in the mail yesterday

This is what a gaggle of robot rape looks like.

Between this, and looking at the archives, I got to thinking about doing something crazy from a merch standpoint: Dodging the Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You Bonanza Pack. This pack consists of the following:

  • An autographed copy of Dodging Traffic with a custom poem handwritten just for you
  • An autographed copy of The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot
  • My stamp story from the Mudluscious Stamp Series
  • One of the following items
    • Murmur (Chapbook, 2002)
    • The Angriest Penguin In The World (Chapbook, 2003)
    • Criminal (Chapbook, 2003)
    • Archeology (Chapbook, 2005)
    • STR8 OUTTA LANDO (Live CD, 2003)
    • 29 (Best of CD, 2008)

The cost for all of this awesomeness: $23 ($20 + $3 shipping and handling). I only have seven copies so this pack only lasts as long as I have copies of the Rapist on hand to sell. Click the button below if you want this awesomeness. If you are international and want this pack, e-mail me before purchasing so we can figure out the cost of sending it to your country.



I’m always amazed how the North American slam community has a hard time of letting things go or believing someone can change or even evolve and I say this because of a little jokey rag called The Tattler (The Tittler when published at the Women of the World Poetry Slam). This publication, for those outside of slam, is published at national competitions and they write about things that happened at the events in a very joking way that, if you are at the event, you get the joke. What was really odd to me is I made it into The Tattler in 2010 and I made it into The Tittler this year and I haven’t been to a national event since 2009. This should be a compliment and at the same time, it’s not. I can take a joke, believe me, but I’m always disappointed when the joke falls flat; that’s a bigger insult to me than the actual insult, not being funny. I know in the early years of being in the slam community, I made a lot of mistakes that didn’t make me exactly the most popular person in the world and I had to rehab those gaffes quite a bit to even be tolerable. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and applied it to the indie lit community and I’m the better for all those mistakes made. I am also full of ‘fuck you’; it’s how I operate. I’ve learned to let perceptions go when change is apparent.

The last eleven months have been incredibly life changing in fun and painfully necessary ways. I’ve reinvented myself in ways I never thought possible and I still am reinventing myself. One of those painful realizations is that the slam in Orlando is a dying beast and it might be time to put the bullet into it, behind the ear, quietly. I’m also not exactly sad about putting the beast down because there’s no growth in the scene locally. Same poets, same voices, very little challenging themselves to do better, be better writers, and I have a problem with such stagnation. Other than Wills, the open mics are also demonstrating this stagnation. I’ve done what I can to push people by structuring the post-season of the slam to be challenging but if people aren’t willing to push themselves to do better, there’s nothing I can do about that. It becomes a will versus skill issue. I’m starting There Will Be Words because there are writers out there who are pushing themselves who deserve a platform for their voices. I can’t justify giving slam bandwidth if people don’t give a shit. I think it’s time for me to let it go instead of handing things off (because no one wants to take the baton), a fresh start. April might very well be the last poetry slam I run for awhile. If people start giving a shit again, I could change my mind. We’ll see.
I am working on more shows for Chicago and there is a very strong possibility that I will have a reading at Quimby’s on Cinco de Mayo with a killer line up thanks to Ben Tanzer. I will update once I get the details finalized.
“Orient Express” is in Short, Fast & Deadly, which you can read here.
Metazen let me teach everyone How To Butcher Someone’s Self-Esteem In Four Easy Steps, which you can read and watch here.
Emprise Review finally released Issue 18 and my story “Now With 50% More Domestic Problems” is part of the awesomeness, which you can read and listen to here. There is singing and you will find it awesome, horrifying, or both. You be the judge.

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