The internet makes it incredibly easy to call things out that we would probably not call out to that person’s literal or actual face. I’m guilty of such behavior from my days in the slam, even recently with this.

However, a personal blog is just that: personal. We may not agree with what that person says but it isn’t a magazine where it would publish half cooked reviews or opinions unless that was the goal of the editorial staff to publish half cooked reviews or opinions.

Congratulations on your disagreements and your postings on your disagreements with this, all of you. Instead of spending your energy doing something productive, you are all being so meta with your hate, like an Inception version of blogging. If you are going to hate, at least be creative, like this.

And here I am, meta blogging. I’m going to try to find some decent coffee in my neighborhood. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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  1. I just spent fifteen minutes reading all that, so just as an observer I wasted a bunch of time. I think your take here is accurate.

  2. I still don’t know who Arcade Fire is. Is it Justin Bieber’s band or something? The internet really confuses me sometimes.

  3. Actually I just realized the perfect way to draw a bunch of crazed traffic to my blog.

  4. […] (Big Other); “In which I join the bandwagon” (Robert Swartwood)[2] @iheartfailure (who blogged about the increasing metaness of it all)[3] @Green_Brad[4] “5 Overrated writers” (Jason Jordan and His Blog)[5] I include […]


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